Our work is guided by 5 key values/commitments:

Real Relationship: We believe that transformation occurs through intentional relationship. We seek and develop mission opportunities that move beyond singular events but instead, cultivate relationships through consistent and meaningful connection.

Radical Generosity:
We believe that everything that we’ve been given is a result of God’s generosity and not our worthiness. We give our resources to mission so that others may experience the radical generosity of God that cannot be earned.

Limitless Grace:
We believe that God’s grace is without limit, boundary or constraint. We seek opportunities and partnerships to extend that grace to all people - especially in communities or systems where it has been historically or systematically denied.

Measurable Impact: We believe that whenever God is present in our mission work there is measurable impact. We will only apply energy, resources and commitment to initiatives that are actively and tangibly transforming lives and communities.

Moving Mission Field:
We believe we are called to love our neighbors - both locally and globally. We seek domestic and international mission partnerships that break down borders and barriers and release God’s love.