Thanks for Small Wonders
Jul 12, 2019  |  Pastor Eric Burton-Krieger

As I read through the various activities at St. Luke's this week, I couldn't help but think we've got everything from death to new life covered! Which seems fitting when we're in the midst of a summer series thinking about life as a road trip. It begins as we get in the car, share the road, embrace detours and this week as Pastor Nicole and I preach - take a rest stop.

This is a season in my own life where I am embarking on a new kind of journey. My wife, Meagan, and I have recently learned that we are expecting. And as we exit the first trimester, I'm all too aware that we're on this new road but the destination seems far from certain. Perhaps it's because we've been together awhile (11 years) and have had the opportunity to share this journey with many friends and St. Lukers who are ahead of us. We're not naive to the many challenges that could come (or will come!) or the sleepless nights we're going to face.

We've even had a few detours so far, including a miscarriage two years ago. In that way, our story is like many of yours. And yet, God never leads us in a straight line as Pastor Jevon said last Sunday. For all the fear, excitement and worry that come with the idea of being parents, a great lesson has been to look for ways that we can simply be - and enjoy the ride.

Sometimes, when I find it hard to have the right words to pray (even as a pastor) I look for prayers others have written that speak to the place I find myself. Today, this prayer met me right where I am, and I hope the same might be true for you.

Thanks for Small Wonders

Dear God,
Small wonders and big surprises remind me of your presence.
They amaze me and take my breath away.
They appear when I need to know you are with me.
When I see a ray of light piercing a hole in the clouds,
I remember that your love pierces our darkest days.
When I see a flower standing in a crack of concrete,
I remember that you can create beauty in any situation.
These surprises are strong reminders
that you are with us in many ways, every day.
Thank you, God.
Thank you for being with me when I need you - which is all the time.

- From Prayers for Life's Ordinary and Extraordinary Moments, compiled and edited by Mary Lou Redding

Thank you, St. Luke's. For being people who share the road in such beautiful ways that you are constant reminders of the small wonders of God. Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Eric (and Meagan!)