Hall of Fame Dads
Jun 14, 2019  |  Pastor Rob Fuquay
Robert Lewis, in his book Real Family Values, tells about an interesting discovery workers made at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Ohio, in the winter of 1993. While renovating a section of the museum they found a photo hidden in a crevice underneath a display case. The man in the picture had a bat resting on his shoulder. He was wearing a uniform with the words "Sinclair Oil" printed across the chest. His demeanor was gentle and friendly.
Stapled to the picture was this handwritten note: "You were never too tired to play ball. On your days off, you helped build the Little League field. You always came to watch me play. You were a Hall of Fame dad. I wish I could share this moment with you. Your son, Pete."
We don't know who the man in the picture was nor his son, Pete. We can assume it was someone who visited the museum and found a creative way to put his dad in the Hall of Fame.
As a dad you would hope your kids would one day consider you a hall of famer. What makes for that, however, probably won't be the things that are put in the display case. It is the achievements we helped our kids reach. It is the time we showed them that made them feel hall of fame worthy. It is the love that translated into simple actions like showing up.
For you dads reading this, if you are like me, I can think of numerous reasons not to be deserving of the hall of fame, but thank goodness my career isn't over!
Happy Father's Day,