Cold Grits
May 10, 2019  |  Pastor Rob Fuquay

You can tell with a title like that, this is going to have something to do with the south! A southerner was once asked to describe what his mother meant to him. Without hesitation he said, "That's easy. Cold grits!" The questioner said, "You must not have liked your mother very much." The person said, "On the contrary. I loved my mother dearly. You see my siblings and I grew up eating a big breakfast every morning. Eggs, bacon, biscuits, and, of course, hot grits. My mom felt breakfast was the most important meal of the day so she cooked for my dad and the family every morning. She was always the first to wake up and get started cooking and setting the table. But what I remember is the whole time we were eating she was preparing and serving. By the time she sat down to eat, her grits were cold. If you've never had grits, you can't appreciate this, but cold grits are not great! But mother never got to eat hot grits. She gladly ate cold grits so that we could have a hot meal. So when I think about my mother, I think of cold grits."

I offer that story as you prepare for Mother's Day. Maybe you, too, had a mother who sacrificed for you. Take a few minutes to recall the things that she gave up to provide for you. If she's still living, call her up to thank her for those expressions of love. If she is not, say a prayer to God in gratitude for a mother who put you above herself and left you an example of self-giving love. Also pray for moms you know who face a lot of challenges in raising their kids. Pray for their strength and ability to love well. And pray for women who want to be moms but cannot, or at least not yet. Pray for their comfort and the longing they carry within them.