On-Call Pastor

For death, imminent death, or a tragic event after office hours, please call (317) 846-3404 and follow the prompts to speak to a pastor.

Hospital Visitation

We want to care for you through prayers and/or visits. Please contact Rev. Regina Proctor if you or someone you know is hospitalized.

Nursing Home and Shut-In Visitation

If you know of someone currently living in a healthcare center, assisted living or confined to their home, please contact Kevin Davis.


Ministry Team
Regina Proctor
Rev. Regina Proctor
Care Ministries Pastor
Meet Regina
Betty Brandt
Betty Brandt
Spiritual Life Center Director
Meet Betty
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis
Visitation Director
Meet Kevin
Laura Marine
Laura Marine
Care Ministries Coordinator
Meet Laura
Mary Katherine Schnitz
Mary Katherine Schnitz
Care Director
Meet Mary Katherine